The Problem:
Users of current music apps feel that they are trapped into listening to the same songs and have a hard time branching out into new genres of music.
After completing research into existing music apps I began mapping out how users would navigate through the app to complete specific tasks. I interviewed current users of music apps to find out the things they liked and disliked about their apps. Then I used that information to come up with something unique to make my app stand out but that also addresses the concerns my users had about their current music apps.
After the user flow, I began wireframing and planning out how users will navigate between screens.
The main feature of my app is a shuffle button that provides a random selection of music or podcasts. The concept of shuffling genres is core to the design of my app but it still has the ability to be tailor-made to the individual through adding or removing via a filter.
Janelle is a user who very often leaves her music apps and listens to the radio to try to hear new music. I wanted to interview her to find ways of satisfying her needs so that she doesn’t have to leave my app to find what she's looking for. 
As a student, Julian regularly listens to podcasts to help with studying. A lot of people use music apps to access their favorite podcasts. I wanted to get feedback from him to be sure that my changes also applied to podcast listeners
Ryan is someone who infrequently uses music apps because he finds them confusing to navigate. He is someone I wanted to get feedback from so that I can ensure my app is accessible to even the most basic user.
I wanted my app to be as easy to maneuver and as aesthetically striking as other music applications
that are available today but have its own unique look and feel.
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