The purpose of this project was to create a comprehensive guide and digital prototype for a chosen topic. For my project I chose downhill skateboarding, it’s a sport that I have extensive knowledge of and am very passionate about.
I did research into who this app would be for, what needs am I fulfilling, and how should I group
information for a comprehensive guide.
Younger people that want to get into the sport. Someone who has their driver's license and a job so they can get out to the spots and have some expendable money. The younger generations are excited to have the freedom to explore around their hometown for spots to skate, but want to know what they're getting into so they don't get in over their head.
Adults with children who rely on them to get from place to place. Parents want to know where they are bringing their children and that they are bringing them somewhere safe. Sometimes kids feel burdened by having to explain all the details of their interests, so my app takes answers a lot of questions that people outside of the sport might want to know.
Young adults that are already in the sport. From out of town and are trying to find the spots in the area to skate. People who have the time and money to travel but are still young and able enough to skate. These are the core skaters that don't need the basics explained to them, they just need to be pointed in the direction of hills.
I used a hand-drawn art style for a rougher look to my icons and images. Skaters are usually attracted to a less clean-cut style, it gives a more genuine feeling by not hiding its flaws. I used a lot of colors to help make the pages pop and help entice the viewer.
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